Some nice things that folk in the press have written about Neal's work...

The Tree

'A beautiful and endearing story...' - Inis Magazine

'drawings that feel warm, true and from the heart.' - Books for Keeps

'A book which will promote compassion and a love for the environment in even the smallest of readers.' - Little London Magazine

'powerful and thoughtful...' - The Booksniffer

' A delightful story with a strong environmental message' -Primary Times

' extremely simple and beautifully illustrated story' - Culture Baby

'a moving story about the importance of respecting animal habitats, and how we can help. ' - Parents in Touch

'at first glance is perfect for younger readers but promotes themes that can be explored by all ages' - The Reading Zone

The Invincible Tony Spears

The always-brilliant Neal Layton brings his joyous scribbly artwork to a young fiction title that bridges the gap for blossoming readers not yet ready to take on a novel. The story zooms along, and children will adore the alien creatures.' - Book Trust

'Perfect for new readers, with illustrations on every page.' -

'This richly illustrated and entertaining story will appeal to early readers, adventure lovers and those inspired by the astronaut Tim Peake' - South Wales Evening Post

That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown

'Charming, funny and gets my vote for the best picture book of the year.' - FT

This first time pairing of two acclaimed talents has created a visual feast (The Guardian)

'How Emily gets Stanley back is about the power of imagination, the commercialisation of childhood, the need for love and standing up to a bully. Cowell has written the picture book of the year.' - The Times

'That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown captures the unbreakable bond between children and their mankiest toys.' - The Telegraph

'It's a touching story about how your favourite toy isn't necessarily your newest or most expensive and will engage any small child.' - The Mail on Sunday

'Neal Layton's illustrations capture both the vigour and the dreaminess of childhood imagination.' - The Saturday Guardian

Mammoth Academy

'Lively illustrations enhance this simple text making this an enjoyable book to share.' - Best Book Guide

'I thought the book was brilliant - one of the best I have ever read. I felt the illustrations were exceptional.' - John Burchill (Age 12) Cork Evening Echo

The Story of Everything

'With stunning paper engineering, Layton's scraggy illustrations are a mix of Terry Gilliam's Monty Python animations, combined with a witty and an engaging and conservational text...' - Junior Magazine

'It's a nice introduction to all the big questions: where do we come from ? Where are we going ? And why did fish grow legs ?' - The Observer

'The drawings are wild and anarchic and the subjects really benefit from the pop-up approach. Kids will enjoy it without realising they are learning something...' - The Mail on Sunday

'It's fabulous.' - The Telegraph

'Neal Layton is a hugely talented storyteller, combining highly stylised illustrations with engaging stories. Now he has written the story of the universe, from nothing to the present day. This is an extraordinary book ...funny brilliant and endlessly fascinating.' - Books for Children

Emily Brown and the Elephant Emergency

'A sensitive and witty handling of fears that has a valuable lesson for adults too. Great fun.' - Daily Mail

'delicious fantastical adventure' - The Guardian

'How lovely to have Emily Brown and Stanley back' - Books for Keeps

'The fantastic Emily Brown series continues' - Junior Magazine

'Neal Layton's artwork is an absolute joy. It's mix of photomontage, Photoshop renderings, and childlike drawings work wonderfully with the text and immediately appeal to children.' - Inis Magazine

Mammoth Academy: Surf's Up!

'An off-the-wall school story that is overflowing with humour.' - Junior Magazine

'An inventive, witty story, with plenty of action, this book has maps, diagrams, newspaper articles and letters to provide plenty of stylistic twists and turns for young readers and their mentors to explore, as well as a pacy, fast moving adventure story.' - School Librarian

The Story of Things

'burstingly informative illustrations.' - Families Magazine

'quirky and inventive' - The Journal

'a broad and entertaining sweep through history' - Carousel

Emily Brown and the THING

'imaginative and funky' - Daily Mail

'hugely expressive illustrations' - The Guardian

'wildy wonderful artwork, that will delight both old and young readers' - Carousel

'warm-hearted and witty take on a classic theme...this story shows how important it is to talk to children, and find out what is really going on in the complex depths of a child's imagination.' - totz2teens

Mammoth Academy in Trouble

'There is plenty of humour, and the quirky illustrations really do add to the whole experience.' - Child Education

Second in a great series that's full of warmth and wit for young children just starting on the reading road. Terrific adventures ensue at the Mammoth Academy. Chaotic and wacky, the mammoths are always getting themselves into all sorts of trouble and then there are the humans who are trying to cause trouble outside the school gates too.' - My Child Magazine

'Deceptively simple -and, yes, scribbley - the pictures are full of movement and interesting details and very funny... The characters appeal and the plot grips. The proof? When I came to write the review I couldn't find the book. Where did it turn up? In the testers bed. He had read his first chapter book!' - Carousel

Mammoth Academy on Holiday

'brilliant illustrations by the author. They are carefully considered with a successful varying layout which will keep children fascinated... an all round great story.' - School Librarian

'illustrations suffused with warmth and good humour, make this immediately inviting and accessible to inexperienced readers.' - Carousel

Bartholomew and the Bug

'A light hearted take on mortality, as well as the old truth that travel is a broadening experience' - Kirkus Reviews

'Zany and appealing, like an infant midnight cowboy' - Daily Echo

'Neal Layton's appealing and colourful illustrations are set alongside typewritten text, which rises and falls to reflect Bartholomew and the Bug's Adventures'. - Child Education

'This story about mortality is writ lightly, and like Bartholomew, readers will enjoy the light side of life'. - Books for Keeps

'...illustrator Neal Layton does wonderfully messy, child-friendly drawings against hip, graphic backgrounds.' - The Daily Mail

'From the quiet and sombre hills to the jazzy, brilliantly lit city, Layton cleverly contrasts the bear and the bug, whilst celebrating their friendship and their choices'. - The Guardian

'charmingly anarchic' - School Librarian

Extreme Animals

'Davies' chatty, funny text and Layton's colourful illustrations will pull kids into this fascinating book about survival...Exciting biology for the classroom.' - Booklist (starred review)

An International Reading Association Top Choice

A Booklist Top Ten Sci-Tech Book for Youth

A Parents' Choice Silver Honor Winner

A Junior Library Guild Selection

Oscar, Arabella and Ormsby

'a hilarious send-up of machismo and rivalry, with an ending that's totally down to earth'. - Publishers Weekly

'a witty look at how friendship can grow, even if the participants 'don't get along all the time.' - London Public Library, Ontario, Canada

Go Wild with Opposites'

'first concept books that are great fun to share because of their wild and wonderful illustrations of animals.' - Bookstart